Wednesday, October 18, 2006

tomorrow never comes

How long does it get to fix a wiring problem (telephone) in Allston ?
If the problem is outside and I call the service provider (Verizon), its 1
day. Their service is extremely prompt; I can book a complaint over the phone
(:P) or web and pick up any available slot according to my schedule.
But if its inside the building ... forget it. Or at least, forget it if you
stay in an apartment managed by "Sunshine Realty" (whose landlord/manager has
the name "Syros"). He is extremely smart to not pick up calls on his mobile
most of the time and doesnt bother to check voice messages. And in the
unlikely event I am able to contact him on his cell, he is extremely good in
appearing co-operative. Being a perfect gentleman, he repeats his gentlemen's
word every day "I will surely send the electrician tomorrow". As it happens,
fixing the problem would require access to other apartments in the building,
so it really helps if the landlord is involved (and even otherwise, Verizon
charges a freaking $120/hour for fixing internal problems). So, being
notified via voice message on September 30th, and personally informed via
phone on October 1st, he eventually managed to get his electrician in my
apartment on 16th. At least some progress made!
Sadly the store doesnt end there. The electrician apparently couldn't fix the
problem and recommended a complete wire change from basement to my apartment.
As of today (18th October) morning, my responsible landlord told me that he
promises to fix the problem by end of next week (28/29th October). My problem
is I doubt it would be that early. In the mean time I am at home with no
phone and internet access. Yuck!

The drame above is unfolding in an apartment on Saint Lukes Road, Allston
(MA). All are welcome.