Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Heavenly Kapi

If there is heaven in a cup, that must include coffee. I have always maintained that beverages do not go to our stomach, or even if they do, a part of them zap fast upwards to our brain. Where they match steps with synaptic misfires and causes our hairs to stand on their ends. For me, a good 'un e'en melts my heart.

For years I have tried to buy ticket to one of the gateways to this heaven -- by something known as Beaten Coffee -- which I saw first (and strangely, since then never heard anywhere else) in the movie Anuranan. There are numerous websites (now; when I first heard about it several years ago there was only one website) which have its recipe. Go ahead and try it. What I want to share with you is that one major ingredient which no one mentions and I lacked, until this day, until about 30 mins ago. Patience! Basically, the trick is beating the coffee for well over 10 minutes. I had tried to make it nearly half a dozen times, but only today I actually beat it that long. If you give up even within the first 5 minutes, what you will end up is some boring instant coffee. But beat it and the sweat on your forehead will reap rewards in the form of a creamy, wheat coloured, semi-viscous aerated plasma -- which, when added into milk and given a few quick stirs, will create a wonderful creamy cup of cappuccino.

I wonder who invented this recipe. This magic potion could not be created by an accident. No sane mind would beat a moist mixture of instant coffee powder and sugar using a spoon for 10 straight minutes. Or maybe ... it was by someone all lost in love. Bless your soul, I cross my heart.