Thursday, October 15, 2009

three colours : Blue Red White - liberty fraternity equality

Trois couleours - Bleu/Rouge/Blanc is a trilogy of French/Polish movies directed by one of the masters of modern cinema KieĊ›lowski'.

This was recommeded to me by a close friend long time ago; he said the movies would appeal to my taste of visual narrative. I saw the "Red" part on the TV a few days ago and just finished watching the "Blue" one. If you appreciate eloborate story telling and are easily mesmerised by breathtakingly beautiful shots, then you should make an extra effort to watch this. Other than the superb direction, another reason I liked Blue is because of its music. Possibly after Ray's Pather Panchali, I have seen no other cinema which uses excellent music to enhance the experience but does not let the music come in the way of the movie.

Edit: Not hard to guess, I watched the "White" story soon after. This one is about "equality" and is a soulful story of equality through venegance. Mind the word "soulful" - there is nothing gory about the revenge. I liked this one the best of all three.