Monday, November 28, 2005

Some cool apps without which linux will be boring

(courtsey Friends, Blogs and Slashdot)

* Yakuake: Already wrote about this. Its very convenient when you need a terminal to check something simple or just give a few commands. Always ready for service. Briefly, its a terminal that is always present when you need it and absent when you dont need it.

* root-tail: I was checking out programs that could show me the last log entries (from syslog and other logs, includeing beale logs). I always like to know whats going on with my computer. GKrellm is awesome but sadly it cant show the lines from log files. I probably throw a glance at gkrellm every couple of minutes. Now with root-tail, I can see my logs without any extra effort. Briefly, its like a transparent screen-wide log-watcher. Oh... time to check the desktop again - if anybody is trying to force entry into my machine or if beagle indexed the webpage that I just visited.

* prelink: Simple, prelink binaries to reduce startup time. Google for more.

Sunday, November 6, 2005

Defn: [Geek]

From How to Manage Geeks,
According to the traditional stereotype,
geeks are people who are primarily fascinated
by technology and its uses. The negative part
of that stereotype is the assumption that
they have poor social skills. Like most
stereotypes, it's true in general -- but
false at the level of specifics.
By society's definition, they are antisocial.
But within their own community, they are
actually quite social. You'll find that
they break themselves into tribes:
mainframe-era graybeards, Unix people
who started out 20 years ago,
the new PC-plus-Web generation.

A nice article overall :)

- d.

PS: Watched "Iti Srikanta" yesterday. Nice art film, literally.