Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We, the people

We the people of ...

Where have you seen that? Right - preamble to constitution of some country.

Preamble to the Indian constitution guarantees Justice, Liberty, Equality & Fraternity. Preamble to the US constitution guarantees Justice, Domestic tranquillity, Common defence, General welfare & Liberty. Consistent with their lifestyle, Americans chose to be punctilious about their sentiment of "American Dream".

Recently United States of A. had their Constitution Day (aka Citizenship Day). Indians have a similar thing known as Republic Day; compared to the US counterpart, Indian Republic Day is tad better known in India, but, it could just be a matter of time until ... That said, Republic Day is just another holiday for most people in mainland India. I doubt the picture is more patriotic in any other country, especially, 2 or more generations after the glorious day a constitution came into effect. Frankly, Justice, Liberty, Freedom make their presence felt most when they are absent! And most ignored when in possession.