Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Heavenly Kapi

If there is heaven in a cup, that must include coffee. I have always maintained that beverages do not go to our stomach, or even if they do, a part of them zap fast upwards to our brain. Where they match steps with synaptic misfires and causes our hairs to stand on their ends. For me, a good 'un e'en melts my heart.

For years I have tried to buy ticket to one of the gateways to this heaven -- by something known as Beaten Coffee -- which I saw first (and strangely, since then never heard anywhere else) in the movie Anuranan. There are numerous websites (now; when I first heard about it several years ago there was only one website) which have its recipe. Go ahead and try it. What I want to share with you is that one major ingredient which no one mentions and I lacked, until this day, until about 30 mins ago. Patience! Basically, the trick is beating the coffee for well over 10 minutes. I had tried to make it nearly half a dozen times, but only today I actually beat it that long. If you give up even within the first 5 minutes, what you will end up is some boring instant coffee. But beat it and the sweat on your forehead will reap rewards in the form of a creamy, wheat coloured, semi-viscous aerated plasma -- which, when added into milk and given a few quick stirs, will create a wonderful creamy cup of cappuccino.

I wonder who invented this recipe. This magic potion could not be created by an accident. No sane mind would beat a moist mixture of instant coffee powder and sugar using a spoon for 10 straight minutes. Or maybe ... it was by someone all lost in love. Bless your soul, I cross my heart.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


night after night
the white haunts me
whispers taunt me
breeze going past.
a tree mocks me
standing in the field
flirting with grass.
a four-legged barks
a winged one marks
dark come and go.
day after day
like the dried tree
sun takes from me
the desire to be.
like the barren bay
once with all the spirit
and now none to say.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Useless quest

Dear Chandrabindu,
Don't you shiver when you swim in a lake?
Stars are many, (yet) you shine the most.
(But) Isn't your glow all borrowed and fake?
Die every month, still why do you boast?