Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Don't Panic

Trident (Booksellers &) Cafe on Newbury Street could easily be labeled as the best cafe in this blue-green planet. But Don't Panic! It is not.

Say, you are in the USA.
Say, today is Labour Day (which in 2009, happened to be on the 7th day of the 9th month).
Say, you woke up with a ravenous urge for omelette and pancake ... no ... pancakes ... and fries.
Now, say today is not Saturday or Sunday (e.g. Monday, which is worse because not only Monday is not an S-day but also just one day after an S-day - I mean what can be more worse).
And you thought ... gee ... I'm gonna hit Newbury Street and just find an all-day breakfast place among the numerous listed-unlisted, famous-deserted, pricey-cheap food places there. After all ... today is a holiday! And brunches are made to be consumed on holidays.

All of this would be good for you ... could be good ... for I, since I am the one writing this whiny blog here, didn't get a chance to try other options, if you arrive at Newbury street before 12 noon.

But brunch is breakfast+lunch, ab initio, so on that eventless day, in USA, having gone to sleep the night before wanting to go to a brunch the next day and having decided that, after looking at yelp and boston-citysearch, walking along Newbury and deciding one among 20 based on some super-cosmic-hyper-complicated algorithm would be relatively easier, for I was more worried about finding the places open on "Labour day" than they serving brunch (if they are open on a holiday, they must brunch - this sounded one of those gotta-be-true statements to me), at about 1pm I walked the entire stretch of Newbury street once forward and then back, walking past restuarants saying that they don't serve brunch on Mondays or their breakfast menu is only till 12, only to find the saviour of a sickening stomach, Trident Cafe (near Newbury St/Mass Av).

Don't try to parse the above "sentence". Don't even bother reading it.

Just remember that if you want a good brunch, you can always fallback on Trident Cafe. For two good reasons. Their (probably bottomless) coffee is really good (take it without milk and sugar) but more importantly, their menu says (only) "BREAKFAST" in BOLD, BLACK letters on the front cover. Now isn't that just good to know ?!