Sunday, March 27, 2011

sick, tired an sleepless with no one else to shine for

The remote of my TV accidentally got pressed to a news channel which was, at that moment, covering recent budget announcements in India and how it is going to make hotels, upscale restuarants and medical tests expensive. For a paltry 300 odd seconds, I got teleported to some years ago when I lived on news about politics, economics, science and technology. But after 5 minutes of watching TV news after ... after years ... my recent reluctance to curious interests took over. I turned the TV off, dimmed the light and retired to tedious analysis of entropy for Boolean circuits.

It has been years since I have watched the news, read the newspaper, listened to a Bengali song or watched an Indian movie. I don't even know if Slashdot exists anymore. Or which is the next Apple-killer on the blogosphere? I have focussed solely on the easy cycle of work-eat-sleep and that's how I am still standing in my shoes.

Recently, someone tried to talk me into the India's cricket cup World Cup performance. I think had India lost or something the day before. Me, I don't even know who are on the team India payroll for the last dozen quarters. I painfully looked at his enthusiasm and whispered, “Good luck”.
When I find myself in times of trouble,
mother Mary comes to me,
speaking words of wisdom,
let it be... (Let It Be - by The Beatles)
Price of A/C hotels is going to increase by such and such. Why do I care? Let it be - it's such a life-saver.

I will write at some point how work is a great medication. It's lousy and irksome. But take it with spoonful of thou-shall-not-think, and it works magic.

PS: The title is a from a nice song by the The Cardigans.