Thursday, October 27, 2011

Please be happy

Disclaimer: These are merely laws. Exceptions are neither impossible, nor implausible.

Laws of Conservation of Happiness

First Law) In any reasonably large and diverse fixed group, the number of happy people is constant over reasonable periods of time. In view of increasing population, in any large and diverse conceptual group, the ratio of the number of happy people to the number of unhappy people is constant over larger periods of time.

Second Law) Without any external stimulus, the happy people become more happy and unhappy people become more unhappy with time.

Third Law) One may become happy by making someone else unhappy and vice-versa.

Law of Dilemma of Choice

In some circumstances, often becoming unhappy is the easiest, if not the only option left, to make someone else happy. Similar situation also arises for the other case. That is to say, most situations seem to suggest a natural tendency to try to be happy or unhappy. Nevertheless, there exists always a choice, according to the third law.


The author acknowledges Sir Issac Newton for the broad style adopted in the three laws. Wherever he be now, and in whatever form, if he becomes unhappy I am willing to bear the reactive unhappiness; and, I will be really happy if he becomes unhappy because that will mean he is still awesome even 4 centuries after catching a red London apple.