Saturday, July 30, 2005

Great day and horrible night

Yeah... at last defeated Shahdee (ref: Prince of Persia Warrior Withing) in the hard mode. None of the suggestions of the forums worked. At last I got tired and watched her fight for quite a few minutes (while blocking myself from her blows ... and rants) while deciding upon a style myself. And that worked :) - hit her right after she finished the deadly combo (in which she ends with a strike down). That way she doesnt get enough time to block herself (yet she managed to block quite a few times). Anyway, and then the crow master fell off the ledge hahahhahhahha (I myself fell quite a number of times). Couldnt believe that the crow master himself cant fly. Good for me. Played for sometime after that. Boy, the ninjas are great. The jump all around (and sometimes over) me and I had to be real quick to eliminate them. The shadow guards are stupid ... they are annoying but disgusting. Realised that taking them my throwing daggers or axes are probably easier.

That was the good part. The bad part was after that... couldnt sleep for a couple of hours. Kept dreaming of the game. I dont know what to call them - dream or nightmare ? Anyway, it was over by morning.

Found two great torrent sites for bangla movies and music. Find them yourself :).
The Maildir backend is nearly done. Should be able to submit a first revision tonight or tomorrow.

Thats it for now,
- d.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

beagle maildir : try-1

Try 1 to search maildir (e.g. kmail) mails with beagle. This is basically a wrapper around FilterMail so that the mails get indexed as type message/rfc822. It seems to work for me. Let me use it for sometime - if it works without any serious bug (I dont know why, but the number of mail messages indexed is 1 less than the number of files *scratching head*), then adding a mailcrawler would make it more or less complete. Try it here.

If anybody (other than me :P) actually uses it, do let me know any problems or suggestions. In the meanwhile let me get the opinion of experts at dashboard-hackers about potential problem of this approach!

- d.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Boo hoo ... awful player...

prince of persia - warrior-within : toughest game played tilll date. and
that also on an xbox for a pc-gamer. Its so different (and difficult, tho'
its not any excuse). The raves are pretty stupid. You can kill them any
way you like and try various combos (they are no fun). But Shahdee is
giving me real headache. Have been able to defeat her only in easy
setting; in the hard setting, nops, I was able to take out a maximum of
1/third of her health. Everytime I hit her, stab her, kick her and then
she starts her combo, gets near me (or rather, I somehow end up close to
her) and just finishes me off - no matter what level of health I have.
The Crow master is relatively easier. (Why does the IGN FAQ by nifal say
otherwise... :-o). Anyway a few hours afterday was spent after that.
Today need to finish off grading, do some research stuff and work on a
kde beagle applet.
Oh wait! Thinking of biking to Logan airport and back. Lets see... will
keep you updated. Stay tuned!

- d.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Today is a bad day ...

Just got this email from bugzilla while I was working to add deletion support in the backend. Guessing since nobody will probably use beagle to search for akregator feeds (other than me, of course) and the current indexer can do without deletion support, I will stop working any more on this.

- d.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

beagle and kde

Using kde konqueror to open search results of beagle and using kde mimetype information. Use the file here - Tile.cs. Comment the lines marked with noKDE and add the lines ended with // KDE.

This approach opens everything using kfmclient exec "file_or_directory_name".

- d.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

index and search mails in pine

Khoj! search - the new way of life. Information is all around us - just grab'em. Smart and not-so-smart people differ in their way of searching. Apple dashboard, GNome beagle, KDE Kat and M$ WinFS (with whatever engine) are players in this new game. (I am providing no links - just google them).

I use pine and kmail. While indexing and searching kmail mails via beagle is being worked upon I hit upon this wonderful tool called mairix. Its wonderful. I created a separate folder to store search results and added the folder to its own collection. Also I have interruption (Ctrl-z) enabled in pine. So now to search I press ctrl-z, that takes me to the shell, I use mairix to search whatever I want and then use fg to go back to pine, go the search results folder and read the results. Isnt that sleek!!!

- d.

Saturday, July 9, 2005

Akregator backend beagle

Now I can use beagle to search my akregator feeds. yahoo!!!

- d.

PS: BTW, i recently fried my hard-disk (without any of the traditional Indian spices). So now it only works after I cool it for an hour or so. Should I buy a freezer (that might be cheaper than another h/disk).