Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ominous Dark Spot

AP: "Everything seemed to be going downhill," said Sveden, of Brewster. "I seemed to be tired a lot more. I didn't want to do too much. My appetite was diminishing."

I feel the same too.

AP: "There was a lot of inflammation there and I thought, OK, there's a tumor at the bottom of this," said Spillane, who went in with a scope. But the more Spillane probed at the encrusted mass, the clearer it became that it was no tumor. "It was pretty grungy, but it looked like a pea," Spillane said. "I sent it to the pathologist. They said it was a vegetable."

I am not making fun of Sveden or his sad situtation, please make no mistake. I am saying that most of the things that happen to us are consequences of something we do, something someone else does. And then there are coincidences - and notwithstanding hard work and perseverence, one has to agree that a stronger force can wipe out everything for good or bad.

That is my take - all that happens, happens due to consequences and coincidences. Just to show how much surprise life has in store for us, here is another similar report.

AP: "In 2009, a Russian surgeon said he found a tiny fir tree in someone's lung and suggested the patient could have inhaled a seed. Experts said at the time that a fir seed could not germinate in the lung because it needs sunlight."

(From a news article by The Associated Press: Docs discover pea sprouting in Mass. man's lung)