Friday, December 31, 2004

Mandrake 10.1-OE on 1100

Installed Mandrake 10.1 official edition on my Inspiron 1100 4 days back. I took me 4 days to properly configure and get several of the things working (I am kinda picky). Its not only beautiful but most of the features I need are working (upgraded to KDE3.3). Things that I would love to see working but can manage without it

  • CD Eject button, Sleep and Power button. The DSDT is buggy - but after I decompiled it, I found that none of the bugs are related to these. Maybe some other problem. xev isnt reporting the sleep and power button keycodes and acpi isnt reporting these events in /proc/acpi/events (with acpid stopped). For the CD eject button, dmesg shows some atkbd error/warning - but I cant set the suggested keycode (>127 problem).
  • faster xcompmgr. This ones really slow. And I would need a damage-aware kooldock.
  • suspend (rather video-reinitialization after wakeup from S3) for framebuffer mode.

In case I would need to re-install MDK10.1 or help some friend install it,I have put down the major steps here.

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