Sunday, February 13, 2005

Linux yahoo messenger online contacts/friends are shown offline

Moved from Yahoo to Kopete.

Reason: The official linux yahoo messenger client has suddenly stopped working (strange that the other clients are still able to work). None of the online contacts are shown online. Only the 'idle' status is reflected but the yellow 'online' icon does not appear. Initially I thought it to be a gtkhtml... bug but later confirmed 'summary' tab that the client actually thinks only 'YahooHelper' is online and nobody else. Strangely whenever a contact comes online or goes offline I still get the notification messages.

Explanation: None :(! The ymessenger client stopped working suddenly... there was no update or install of ymessenger. I have also checked with old releases - same problem. The web-messenger is working properly and I guess the ports are using the web-messenger protocol. Its possible that yahoo (once again) changed their protocol. Till another version comes up... stuck with kopete (I somehow like the lightweight ymessenger over Gaim/Kopete etc.).


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