Monday, October 17, 2005

Yeah Quake!

One word YaKuake.

I dont need to click the xterm button or konsole button now and then, type a 1-2 line command to do something and then close it. A konsole is just an Window key.
I dont need the window, better than minimizing - press the window key once again - it hides smoothly.
The hiding and reapperaring animation is pretty cool.
I have access to the same terminal (which can open multiple tabs, btw) on every desktop.
Less number of konsole running, so less resource wasted.
I have my animation time set as ~50ms - so I get the terminal (its already preloaded) without any significant lag (for konsole and even with xterm, it took ~1 second to launch).
And many more ... give it a try. Visit kde-apps for packages etc.

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