Monday, November 28, 2005

Some cool apps without which linux will be boring

(courtsey Friends, Blogs and Slashdot)

* Yakuake: Already wrote about this. Its very convenient when you need a terminal to check something simple or just give a few commands. Always ready for service. Briefly, its a terminal that is always present when you need it and absent when you dont need it.

* root-tail: I was checking out programs that could show me the last log entries (from syslog and other logs, includeing beale logs). I always like to know whats going on with my computer. GKrellm is awesome but sadly it cant show the lines from log files. I probably throw a glance at gkrellm every couple of minutes. Now with root-tail, I can see my logs without any extra effort. Briefly, its like a transparent screen-wide log-watcher. Oh... time to check the desktop again - if anybody is trying to force entry into my machine or if beagle indexed the webpage that I just visited.

* prelink: Simple, prelink binaries to reduce startup time. Google for more.

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