Friday, December 30, 2005

yabi-0.2 update

Initially I wrote yaBi just for fun. (Read my first post about yaBi here which contains some more screenshots).

Gradually I implemented some more ideas and made it a full fledged KDE application. I took ideas from Metabar (thanks metabar :) and learnt how to show the application handlers for a particular file, I added support for thumbnail preview. Thumbnail extraction is expensive, so I made it so that the user (i.e. me) needs to click an additional link. Here is a screenshot,Of course, the user can remain content with only the regular beagle snippets (showing the highlighted text).
Ahh... I am a bit paranoid user of computer and like to keep everything under constant observation. Generally I use root-tail to display beagle-logs on my desktop. On similar lines, I added beagle index information and current-status information to the information tab.
Get the updated package here.

And one last-comment. I am putting all this online to break the myth that beagle is a gnome application. Actually, beagle is lucene-based personal data indexer written in C#. It happens to use gtk-sharp currently for some technical reasons, which I think can be avoid with some extra work. But other than that, beagle has no gui and thus not a gnome application. It is more of a service which provides C#, C, Python api for usage. Then whats up with the gnome-sharp dependencies ? It so happens that beagle is currently shipped with a prototype search GUI (best); best can be called a gnome app. If you want to taste beagle with only a minimum requirement of gtk-sharp and sqlite2, get this package. This is just a copy of my beagle directory. There was some change from mono-1.1.10 to mono-1.1.12, this package therefore needs mono-1.1.12 (unline the official beagle-0.1.4 release which requires mono-1.1.10). The package is merely a CVS checkout of beagle-0.1.4, and modified to drop unnecessary dependencies and changes for mono-1.1.12 added. To use that, untar, un-gzip it. Then run
  • ./ --prefix=/usr --enable-libbeagle --enable-python --disable-gui
  • make
  • make install
(change --prefix= to proper prefix)

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