Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Kolkata kebal bhule bhara

Those who teach frequently use examples to explain concepts. Those who write software programs love reproducible test cases which they can debug, analyze and correct. With utmost humbleness, I believe the civic engineers have neither experienced good teaching nor have decent engineering skills. Year after year, with sure shot prediction, Kolkata floods during monsoon. Its pretty easy to guess, any heavy rainfall will cause water logging. It becomes an even better test case because the water does not go down quickly once the rain stops. So here is a situation that is realized 3-4 times a monsoon season and provides ample time to check design and implementation flaws. Given that the situation is not improving, in fact, degrading year after year only has one conclusion: like the Indian cricket team, the engineering team needs fresh blood and talented minds.

Final note: please do your part by not throwing plastic bags around. Whether its the drains, empty land or waterbody, the fundamental problem they cause is to block the flow of water. Store them at home and when enough is deposited, dump it in a garbage dump. Though there is no adequate plastic recycling program, at least this will prevent plastics from blocking water flow around your house.

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