Saturday, October 4, 2008

It Does Not Die / ন হন্যতে

I am reading this book right now. I am reading the English version, translated by the author herself. What I find fascinating is the way she is able to paint her thoughts with a pen and walk me through the same journey of life that she went through.

I came across the following letter halfway across the book. I do not intend to capture the essence of the book in this letter; so do not read between the lines.

This is a letter that the potential husband wrote to the author sometime before the actual marriage ceremony. Do note that the events are taking place in 1930s and she never met her husband before the wedding.
Understanding that you are going to choose a partner in life I beg to offer myself as a candidate for the vacancy. As regards my qualifications, I am neither married nor am I a widower; I am in fact the genuine article - a bachelor, being one of long standing. I should in fairness refer also to my disqualifications. I frankly confess that I am quite to the new job and I cannot boast of any previous experience in this line, never having had occasion before to enter into such partership with anyone. My want of experience is likely, I am afraid, to be regarded as a handicap and disqualification. May I point out however that though "want of experience" is a disqualification in other avenues of life, this particular line is the only one where it is desirable in every way. A more serious handicap is the fact that I am an old bachelor with confirmed bachelor habits. For further particulars I beg you to approach your mother who studied me the other day with an amount of curiousity and interest that would have done credit even to an egyptologist examining a rare mummy. In fine, permit to assure you that it will be my constant endeavour to give you every satisfaction. I have the honour to be, mademoiselle,
Your most obedient servant ...

There is nothing in the above that I can personally relate to, but its so downright witty and funny that I thought I have to share this with all of you.

অজ নিত্য শাশ্বতোয়ং পুরান ন হন্যতে হন্যমানে শরীরে

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