Friday, June 10, 2011


I just thought of an awesome plan for myself. It requires an awful lot of $$$money$$$ ... which is of course okay since most awesome plans require an awesome wallet.

When I will have a lot of money (which I plan to gather by taking up a side job of private tution), I will build a chateau on top of Mount Everest, or Mount Kanchenjunga if Everest turns out to some kind of World Heritage Site. I need internet access (any decent broadband will do) ... this needs a separate action plan comprising of a hefty investment and fight with customer care for installation at high altitude. With a huge stock of pen and paper to invent theorems and a binocular to watch clouds, life will simply be cool up there.

It will be my personal Manderley. Guests will not be allowed. Except in Feb and March- these are the months nightmares go live - and guests will be allowed to pay handsome amount to experience horror.

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