Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My first ballet

Ballet is a dance performance with elaborate sets and matching orchestra in the background. That is how Steve described it to me. He was right, but the words carry more meaning than they might sound.

I decided to spend the afternoon before Christmas Eve watching The Nutcracker (artistic designer:
MIKKO NISSINEN). I have never been inside any opera house before, let alone see any live opera. So this was supposed to be a memorable experience. It was, for all the right reasons. The performance was at the Boston Opera House in the theatre district of Boston. The opera house was magnificent, with decorated walls and ceilings and beautiful chandeliers providing just the perfect lighting. For some reason there was a strong smell of alcohol where I was seated but that might just be some exquisite perfume (or an already tipsy opera fan). Oh, I got a $20 student rush ticket but got a seat in the 6th row from the stage so I was pretty fortunate that way.

Anything I say about the actual performance would fall short of its actual beauty. I have been to a few Bangla theatres and watch a lot of movies onscreen. I am also a big fan of classical Indian dance performances. But this turned out to be a completely different visual experience. Simply put visually stunning. The set and the promps were just magic. The dances were just in tune with the orchestra music, which was also wonderful. I wonder if I can buy the score somewhere. The dancers were graceful, the direction was perfect with the required amount of humour needed to keep the kids in their seats and the the whole experience was very very colourful.

Simply put, I am very impressed. I am glad I decided to watch one ballet performance by our own Boston Ballet. I really am.

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