Friday, December 26, 2008

One person parties

How come there are all these "one person party"s mushrooming all over
India like the roadside temples ? The English word "party" means a
group of more than one person. Contradiction ab initio.

I would like to focus mainly on the one-woman parties but I cannot
really blame the women; they are following the men leaders. Yet, there
is a difference. Like it or not, political movement in India is male
dominated. Maybe it is like this in other countries too.

Wait there, I didn't say male centric. South Asian countrymen (or
citizens, to be politically correct) like the idea of a woman at the
center. "Nari jaati", "Nari shakti" etc. attract middle class
intellectuals and have-not poor folks at the same time. For different
reasons though. I have 27 seconds to explain this. Keep reading.

For the would-be intellectuals, having a woman at the center is a
glorious way to flaunt the tag of world's largest democracy. It speaks
volumes of our open political system, underlines the principles of
equal opportunity and reminds everyone else that we are different.
Well, I think we are differently chauvinist, but keep that aside for

For the have-nots, it is a chance for them to be heard. Men can go and
earn the bread they eat for dinner. And women, who are pretty good in
managing households of these men, can go and manage an even larger
household of men. She has a natural talent for that. They can discuss
next day strategies over dinner.

There are leaders who are likable for different reasons. A woman is by
nature kind, gentle and serene; this makes them extremely approachable
- a desirable mention in the CV of any aspiring politician. I would
like to talk to a woman instead of a cunning, rough and corrupt man
any day of the year. Women can be corrupt too ... but hey, their
number is insignificant compared to the male counterparts.

Hence, we have numerous one-woman parties. These parties end up having
a few other important leaders but still all the decisions are taken by
their leaders. To me this feels like a small scale dictatorship and a
milder one.

There is nothing against the rules to ban these parties. There should
not be one. History shows us how ideas from a single man or woman can
change the society. It is ok for a single person to take forward an
idea. That's how revolution starts. But it is foolish to blindly
follow this person without following the idea. Sadly, that is the
state of the Indian voters these days; they are mesmerized by the
wowness of their women leaders.

I am not an usual male chauvinist who scoffs a women in power. I only
blame when blames are due.

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