Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Apartment photos

I took photos of my current apartment. For my family (read: caring dearling ma) to see, but if you get high on this sort of stuff ...
http://cs-people.bu.edu/dbera/photos/31 St Lukes %237 (current apt)/

You can pretty much see how austere and boring my lifestyle is. Oh ... you don't get to see the southern wall of my bedroom; it has the closet, a map of Kolkata, my camera (you can see the black bag) and some ... ahem ... wall writings capturing my thoughts. The green book on my table is Saint Joan by G.B.Shaw. After Sarat Chandra, this is my next foray into feminism classics. I don't know if Saint Joan is considered a feminist play but the strength in character of Joan of Arc, her spirit, her resolute stand against the society fascinated me the first time I read about her.

Ignore the musings on the whiteboard, they contain everything from heresy to phone numbers. You don't see stockpiles of research papers and books because whatever few I have, I have them in the office; in general, I have become used to reading of off the screen (and the trees ... I am sympathetic towards them). Math is like music ... happens in my mind =).

The two printouts are poems - one Chharpatra by Sukanta and the other Adios by yours humbly - both mean a lot to me hence they get to be up there. The south wall also contains a Monet (waterlily series). The other two pictures you see are by Dali, my favourite painter of this ... err... last century. His symbolism and surrealist subjects engross me more than anyone else's.

You don't see my bike because I left it at my office the previous evening. It sleeps in the corridor. My kitchen used to be more colourful ... but I have lost interest in cooking these days (hint: don't crash in untold - there really is nothing in the fridge).

There is space for one or two in my apartment ... as you can see, so feel free to stop by. Also, I don't have any use for the old issues of Desh, so you can have them too ... (you didn't get it) ... for FREE !

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