Sunday, February 8, 2009

Best at worst

You can say the pizza is good when you eat it even though you are not hungry. Alike, you can say a movie is good when it can elevate your mood from the lowest to the best, or at least above normal.

That did not quite happen when I was watching Bicycle Thieves. But judge not the movie by this inefficacy; by cosmic grace I am currently passing the worst moments of my life ... broken beyond repair. Moving the cursor back on the movie, it is the best movie I have seen so far.

I was alternately fading into my own thoughts (I am not sure I can use the word "thoughts", it is more like oblivion) and the movie. Thankfully the movie was in Italian with English subtitles which made the alternations pretty quick. The plot of the movie would not require more than 5 lines when written. It is the credit of the scriptwriter and the director (well... the auteur) to create a remarkable 90 minute unfolding of a drama taking place in the common man's Rome in the post-war era. Think of the impact it created on my mind when I, amazed by the acting of the little boy, looked up online only to find all of the actors were completely unprofessional. It has be the director.

The moments I was with the movie, I was this pensive socialist sitting with a brush and trying to decide exactly where to starting painting a new world. I later learned it is a neorealist movie ... I think I should find other neorealist movies and watch all of them - they are so simple made yet so powerful in effect.

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