Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a PhD student

Ahoy! Here is a gem of a picture which my venerable colleague BK dug out from her knapsack of past photos. She calls it a "blast from the past". Quoting her (without prior permission which I am sure she would have granted):
We probably clicked this before Bera left the country. Thought you guys would like a copy of a typical goofiing-around-in-psy-221 pic :)

I think this picture should be preserved in some kind of PhD showcase. It shows all the primary signs of the workplace of a (tenured) PhD student - 2 computers (one displaying Google to whom all PhD students owe their allegiance), a wall with lots of random postings, open books and papers, a busy shelf with useful cutlery and most important, hostile peers who keep you alert!

PS: That is Ilir in the picture trying to "frame" me. He is a sucker for free stuff! Beware.

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