Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Also I don't have 500 $million

Received this in a fwded mail from an old pal "Tiger Woods: A Cautionary Tale For All American Men" written by Tom Leykis, an American radio talk-show host.

I never listened to Tom Leykis's show when I was in Boston. I did listen to radio, and quite a bit to the talk shows on NPR, and I would have listened to Tom had I known about his show. Like my identity, internet is able to wipe my location with lavendar-fresh finish; so now that I know, maybe I will.

I will not leave a link here ... if you are interested, you can easily find his blog and the above mentioned article. Couple of excerpts to excite you.

Just a guess from observing his demeanor and hearing his very controlled interviews (not to mention his painfully unrevealing “apology” press conference): Tiger is someone who probably had very little time for a social life growing up. Guy friends, girlfriends, and all that goes with that were likely shoved aside for early mornings hitting ball after ball after ball with his dad. Did he develop like a normal American teenager? Did he make out in the backseat of his car with girls with whom he went to school? Did he go to his prom? Did he ever just hook up? I tend to doubt it.


The real truth about marriage is something that men who look like beaten dogs whisper to each other at Hooters, at strip clubs, at sports bars, at bowling alleys, and even over the cubicle walls at offices across America: marriage is for men who cannot afford to live parallel lives with hot women in expensive hotel rooms. It is for men who need someone to share the rent or the mortgage payment. It is for farmers who need more farmhands when they become too old to till the soil. It is for men who grew up too lazy to clean their places, and so, as a result, are willing to take on a 180-pound mommy stand-in who will clean it. Marriage is not for buff, famous, educated men who have 500 million dollars and the freedom to do almost anything they want.


Tiger Woods had no business getting married or having any children at all so early in his life. And, if you are a successful young man in America who has worked so hard to get where you are, neither do you.
There are lots of comments ... mostly supportive, on this article in his blog site. Right now I don't have time to turn toss and ponder over his assertions. But scary as they sound, I made a quick run down. After all, I am lazy to clean my place and don't stay with my mom any more.

* male - CHECK (last checked - right now!)
* young - CHECK (30 ... well ... sorta)
* successful - CHECK (kinda ... I am not homeless and can afford butter for my bread)
* worked hard - CHECK (I'm single so I have no other option)
* American - FALSE (Yay!)

/me feels so relieved!

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