Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Know Him!!!

No one told me ... but good ol' trusted TimesOfIndia never fails to report "Good News" (and as usual, never fails to make the obligatory typo - BBM should be read as BBN).

Quoting ...
Saikat Guha to have been selected for the NASA Tech Brief Award in recognition of his contribution to the National Space Programme and to the mission of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, US.

Guha, presently employed as a scientist at the US-based B B M Technology has been selected for this award by the NASA Inventions and Contributions Board chairman for his work on Phase-conjugate receiver for Gaussian-state quantum illumination.
It's impossible for me to call-and-congratulate him right now and he should be far too busy with talks and accolades to acknowledge matters of little significance as this, but nevertheless ... I used to know that guy, at a place far away and at a time far ago. What a year for ya!

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