Thursday, July 8, 2010


If it's bad to feel bad,
It's worse to feel nothing!

The doctor prescribed me dry-heat and one exercise to beat the upper-back pain that I was endowed with; may Hippocrates give the doc lots of fame and fortune but the cool doc simply went overboard - he directed me to swallow little cyan split-pea size Amitriptyline Hydrochloride pills, right before dinner.

Those dang rotten pebbles takes my breath away, and any strength in my limbs, and any consciousness even an awaken idiot may have, for a lull stretch of 12 hours! Which means, given that I am used to late dinner around 11 or 12, I am unable to stand on my feet till noon the next day.

Sick of my sickness, I searched the internet; then, this wretched self came to know that he is experiencing one of the side effects of this anti-depressant! Yes, that's what this pill is commonly used for, and I suppose was given in this case to soothe the neural wires snaking through my spine.

The whole day is now spent with vacant stares and not really understanding what good or bad is happening around. Can't even think straight nowadays, I am worried that when I will finally wake up, I will find I have lost my heartbeat.

Please remind me who you are, if you find me loitering on road. Thank you for asking how I am.

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