Saturday, March 5, 2005

d-Randomized Thots

A detailed (no-techie) article on OS-X and KDE goodies. I am planning to write what I think gives my KDE3.3/MDK10.1/Dell-1100 an uptime of ... (The last time I had to reboot was to go the Mandrake 10.2 beta installation to test something). Suspend while in office and hibernate when not needed for extended amount removes any need to actually take the machine down.

I do have a few weird computer habits and systems under me are stress-tested naturally (for some reason I dont like opening for some app to start and sometimes end up starting 3 apps at the same time; huge file transfers and compile/build simultaneously is another way of having a bit of fun). It would be interesting to pen the habits (and motivations behind them, if any) ... the upcoming spring break should be a good time to do it.

- d.

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