Friday, March 4, 2005


OMG, I read about kompose, installed it (there is a mandrake rpm either in contrib or plf), removed pager from kde panel and (within 2 minutes) got used to it. Cant stayt without it now.

* No pager - more space on panel for window icons.
* I just mapped ctrl-1 (ctrl-one) to kompose. Instead of using ctrl-tab to navigate between different desktops, i just use ctrl-1. Works perfectly even when i have 6 different windows on all 4 desktops 8=).
* Further more, I can not only choose desktop, I can choose a particular window and further more, I even get to kill windows without actually going to that desktop. Isnt that handy ?

- d.


chak said...

My goodness me.... I just tried out kompose... I still cannot believe my eyes..... how am I ever going to do without it now??? :-D

dBera said...

The kompose thats in Mandrake-10.1 contrib is version 4.*. Kompose homepage said that version 5 onwards in XComposite (and XDamage) enabled. If you do not have composite enabled, then you are missing some real nice goodies - anyway - even if you dont want to trade speed for shadows/transparency (actually which makes working a lot easier) enable compositing. Look here for instructions.

Anyway, I was having some (slight) issues with kompose-4 and the window screenshots. Got the source of kompose-5 and compiled/installed - now with XDamage I get (near)_realtime screenshots and updates. The salt in the sondesh is it got slower than kompose-4 (~1 sec delay). I think I can stay with that - ctrl-tab is anyway there to stay.

- d.

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