Saturday, July 30, 2005

Great day and horrible night

Yeah... at last defeated Shahdee (ref: Prince of Persia Warrior Withing) in the hard mode. None of the suggestions of the forums worked. At last I got tired and watched her fight for quite a few minutes (while blocking myself from her blows ... and rants) while deciding upon a style myself. And that worked :) - hit her right after she finished the deadly combo (in which she ends with a strike down). That way she doesnt get enough time to block herself (yet she managed to block quite a few times). Anyway, and then the crow master fell off the ledge hahahhahhahha (I myself fell quite a number of times). Couldnt believe that the crow master himself cant fly. Good for me. Played for sometime after that. Boy, the ninjas are great. The jump all around (and sometimes over) me and I had to be real quick to eliminate them. The shadow guards are stupid ... they are annoying but disgusting. Realised that taking them my throwing daggers or axes are probably easier.

That was the good part. The bad part was after that... couldnt sleep for a couple of hours. Kept dreaming of the game. I dont know what to call them - dream or nightmare ? Anyway, it was over by morning.

Found two great torrent sites for bangla movies and music. Find them yourself :).
The Maildir backend is nearly done. Should be able to submit a first revision tonight or tomorrow.

Thats it for now,
- d.


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