Sunday, July 24, 2005

Boo hoo ... awful player...

prince of persia - warrior-within : toughest game played tilll date. and
that also on an xbox for a pc-gamer. Its so different (and difficult, tho'
its not any excuse). The raves are pretty stupid. You can kill them any
way you like and try various combos (they are no fun). But Shahdee is
giving me real headache. Have been able to defeat her only in easy
setting; in the hard setting, nops, I was able to take out a maximum of
1/third of her health. Everytime I hit her, stab her, kick her and then
she starts her combo, gets near me (or rather, I somehow end up close to
her) and just finishes me off - no matter what level of health I have.
The Crow master is relatively easier. (Why does the IGN FAQ by nifal say
otherwise... :-o). Anyway a few hours afterday was spent after that.
Today need to finish off grading, do some research stuff and work on a
kde beagle applet.
Oh wait! Thinking of biking to Logan airport and back. Lets see... will
keep you updated. Stay tuned!

- d.

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