Wednesday, July 20, 2005

index and search mails in pine

Khoj! search - the new way of life. Information is all around us - just grab'em. Smart and not-so-smart people differ in their way of searching. Apple dashboard, GNome beagle, KDE Kat and M$ WinFS (with whatever engine) are players in this new game. (I am providing no links - just google them).

I use pine and kmail. While indexing and searching kmail mails via beagle is being worked upon I hit upon this wonderful tool called mairix. Its wonderful. I created a separate folder to store search results and added the folder to its own collection. Also I have interruption (Ctrl-z) enabled in pine. So now to search I press ctrl-z, that takes me to the shell, I use mairix to search whatever I want and then use fg to go back to pine, go the search results folder and read the results. Isnt that sleek!!!

- d.

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