Saturday, December 30, 2006

Casino Mein Hera Pheri

That is what I felt of the latest 007 movie Casino Royale. I generally rank higher Bond movies a little higher (not much) than the average thrillers. Friends told me that this one gives a different experience. Of course they were right, I felt bored through out the movie, felt it was just another usual Hollywood thriller (or a TV episodes of Las Vegas). Bond was more human in this movie, I felt like I was watching Spiderman with out his spidey sense. I am discouraging the effort, except I did not expect Bond to be like that. There was no gadget or car or fancy tech. And I never have seen Bond to run so much, sort of like in Terminator 2. Where did he leave his car, Dude? The hotness of Lady Bond was present. She was also adventurous but something was lacking; I could never figure out what that was though. Nearly half of the movie was spinning around a mind game during a game of Poker. It probably did not help that I dont quite know Poker and failed to appreciate what was going on.

The only thing I liked was the prince like agility and fitness of the African person killed in the embassy near the beginning of the movie. M16 chief advised Bond to get rid of his ego. But he still hold on to it during a large part of the movie. Casion Royale had been a better Bond movie (which does not necessarily mean a better movie) if Bond showed little less emotion, expressed his pride and ego, showed little less fitness and and used some cool gadgets.

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yatin said...

ya the new bond movie was really sucks. no gadgets.

one more thing i observe was there's no style in the movie too.

one expect the cool gadgets plus a bond style like moving out swiftly at the last moments. this all were lacking in the movie.

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