Tuesday, May 3, 2005

ACPI Events bug fixed but not for me

I dont get any ACPI interrupts like lid events, power button events. They are however properly registered as wakeup devices as seen in dmesg:

May 3 17:38:36 dbera kernel: ACPI wakeup devices:
May 3 17:38:36 dbera kernel: LID PBTN PCI0 USB0 USB1 USB2 USB3 MODM PCIE

and in /proc/acpi/wakeup:

Device Sleep state Status
LID 3 *enabled
PBTN 4 *enabled

so if I open the lid or press the button I wakeup my computer. As a result, I had to use klaptopdaemon which just polled to find out when the lid was closed.

Months ago I checked out the kernel bugzilla and found that there is indeed such a bug. It had to do with the dell BIOS (I have the latest BIOS - A32 for my Dell Inspiron 1100).

I checked today and it seems the bug is fixed: using acpi_irq_balance as a boot param and with BIOS A38 (for Inspiron 5100). This guy claims to have success even for A28 BIOS for 5100. Sigh... I checked immediately, the kernel param doesnt help me with my A32 BIOS. My last BIOS update was months ago, its time that Dell comes up with a BIOS update. Hoping they do ...

- d.

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