Saturday, May 7, 2005

cpu speed control

I rarely use my laptop as a mobile device :-( but still I would like to scale its CPU speed according to its load. Till today I used to use cpudynd (or manually set the throttling via klaptopdaemon). Upon doing lsmod recently I noticed a whole set of modules called cpufreq_ondemand, cpufreq_userspace and cpufreq_powersave. While I knew that my earlier kernel had the userspace and powersave governors (and I hoped that cpudynd used them) I didnt knew of the new ondemand governor.

Its an automatic scaling facility added in 2.6.9 which means that now I can get rid of cpudynd (one more startup service gone...). This page has a decent description and usage.

Keep your CPU cool,
- d.

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