Monday, May 2, 2005

A week l8r: beagle

Beagle is working nicely now. However, MDK2005 comes with beagle-0.0.8 which wasnt indexing properly. So, I had to upgrade to beagle-0.0.9. Since I also wanted to use the power of inotify, I upgraded my kernel from the default to (from cooker); uses inotify 0.21 which is required by beagle-0.0.9. Had to remove the .beagle directory ... and now everything is nicely indexed.

Need to figure out how to make some things work:
1) How to ask Best to use kde/konqueror to open the search results. Currently I dont use the Best GUI but use the command line beagle-query to search for files.
2) How to ask the indexer to index jpeg exif data. From the CVS it seems it does that, but beagle-query is not returning the appropriate results.
* Initially beagle indexer was not indexing jpeg files, and the log file at ~/.beagle/Log/current-IndexHelper showed: System.DllNotFoundException:libexif.dll; I had to install libexif-devel (according to this chat-log)
3) mono-1.0.6 is a bit slow; but that will probably improve with the later releases.
4) Find out how to enable indexing of mails :P

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