Thursday, May 19, 2005

KNotes Again

Tomorrow I am leaving for a 5 week vacation. Probably wont be blogging till I return (unless I think of posting some nice juicy rasagulla photos; OMG - there is no wiki entry for Rasgulla!!! Somebody please add).

So to find further news about the looknfeel update of knotes (Kudos to Michael), look here.

PS: I checked Prince of Persia 3 (or POP-6) videos yesterday. They were soooooooooooo good that I had to download POP-5 Warrior Within demo-2 and play/finish it yesterday night. Wish I had a decent video card/laptop/console ;-). Ohh.. wait, with XBox 360 around the corner delivering 1 Teraflops I should start saving money.


Zaphod said...

since I see there ain't noone else posting comments, let me post a comment here to add variety..
so the rumor has it that the next PoP will be for the xbox, and since xbox 360 aint backward compatible, your new 360 will make a fine doorstop..

dBera said...

of course, i get to play PoP and run linux on the best machine ever made :-). Oops... my stay in the fantasy world has been ended by this article.

Back from vacation and my hard-disk/filesystem is showing signs of wear and crashes. Oh boy ...

- d.

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